Perfect for working from home or in the office for video calls.

Bundle includes:
Headband Headset with adjustable microphone - 3.5mm Jack connection
480p Webcam camera - USB Connection with monitor clip/stand

3.5mm Jack with volume control and adjustable microphone.

UVC solution, hardware 30W, default resolution 640*480.
External microphone
Supports Windows XP & above
Speed rate: 30fps/s in USB mode.
Recommended resolution: 640*480
Output format: USB 2.0 uses uncompressed YUY2 or MJPG.
Interface type: USB 2.0 compatible with USB 1.1
Illumination requirements: the best illumination is 150 Lux, the lowest illumination is 2 Lux.
Imaging range: 70cm-90cm.
Scintillation control: 50HZ or 60HZ
Static image capture format: BMP/JPEG/PNG.
Dynamic image capture storage format: AVI/WMV.
Operating temperature: -10-40 degrees.
USB transmission specification: USB 2.0
SENSOR type: COMS1/6 color chip
Lens: the 3 p"

Webcam And Headset With Adjustable Microphone Bundle

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    Q-Connect 8GB Micro SD Card

    Q-Connect 8GB Micro SD Card